September 06, 2010

Celebrating the victory

Salam Aidilfitri everyone...

After a month we are fasting, n now come the day where we celebrating the victory... Aidilfitri ...

And i would like to wish all of u .... be hapy n great ~

August 23, 2010


Officially im quiting n canceling my previous social web myspace,friendster & tagged .. hahah, didnt realized ive so many of this social web previously, didnt get chance to manage all of it at once... so better i terminate it, and right now stick with facebook n blog ... this 2 web oso im rarely update... but still prefer to keep this facebook n blog remain until when, i dunno , only time will tell .. ?

cheers ~

August 08, 2010


Alhamdullilah, Kita bertemu lagi dengan Ramadhan... moga kali ini puasa dan amalan kita bertambah keberkatan dan kerahmatan dariNYA, amin ~

July 18, 2010

Thou seek soul power

Currently bein addictived to this game, DEMON'S SOUL a Playstation 3 exclusive rpg game, was bein up as game of the year 2009, its worth this game got the goty title, its awesome game ... 
Ive bought this game many months ago, maybe last year, 2009... haha, before this it just keeping dust in my rack, coz the hard experience playing this game, but now, once ive got the tempo of the game, im enjoy it... 

This game can be played by offline or online, but trust me, playing online is more nice n great, where we can coop with other players up to 4 player in one game... this game got it own style, you can google it for more info of this game, Demon's Soul is another rpg title that listing in my all time fav rpg game... thumbs 

For those who wanna try, can try search for this title at ur nearest game store or buy it thru online.... cheers ~

June 07, 2010

new header is up

Hmmm, nothing to do, after have a visit on frens blog, ive feel want to design again my blog header, just try n try n try... ahh demn, im not so talent, its true that quote ive put inside my header up there... my skill just a basic n nuub skill of graphic... but nvrmind, will keep learning from time by time... and so here i up my new look header for this blog, enjoy...  gud nite  =)

May 31, 2010

supporting lifeline 4 Gaza

The Vision of Lifeline 4 Gaza :
"Our ultimate vision is to work together with the International community in helping Palestinians to hold every rights on their motherland, and eventually be able to live in peace as any other beings would want to be. We uphold the believes that each Palestinian, including those forcefully living abroad and foreign camps, has every right to return to Palestine. All Palestinian lands that have been robbed by the Zionist must be returned to their rightful owners."

Those dirty damn pig dog israel was attacking the convoy early morning by malaysia time, kill more than 10 unarmed people in the convoy.They (israel) is very2 dirty pig people, cursed them all!

For those our muslims brothers n people in that convoy, we pray for everyone of u there, ALLAH is with us in the right path, may ALLAH bless all of u there,

Only pray can we give here for them to achieve the vision n hope they are protected by ALLAH...

May 24, 2010


ahahah, woke up in the morning, didnt really remember my bad dream last night, long time didnt get dream that not so good... ive dream me and one of my fren have been smashed by group of dirty uncivilazation people without any coz we have been bitten.. hahah,weird,seriously i dun like get dream such like this... maybe i just forget to wash up my feet before sleep?or to much watchin movie ahaha...nevermind, wat ever its, remember that we still have god n religion that we follow, believe in it and thank god im still living in this life ....

lets pray to ALLAH while we can... :)

May 17, 2010

New 2010 Freddy Krueger

2010...the new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is hit back our cinema.This worse nightmare since i ever kid is back but with new actor as freddy no more papa horror Robert Englund .... ive watch it last sunday, what i can say for this movie, it disapointed... just normal movie, yea its just remake from it original movie that popular long time ago, but those original NOES movies is best ... for this movie,a 2010 version... it has nothing for me, what you can see just a new actors n a not so best new freddy kruger, why i say that..because the make up of freddy face itselft look a bit diff n failed la... im still love the origin make up of freddy... the storyline is short n just refreshing from old its like you r watching the old NOES in nowdays version... with latest technology for the special efect of course... but i repeat here, its just same story, nothing new looking u can see in this movie,beside new face of freddy maybe,hahaha..just the make up of freddy face look diff, not so nice as the previous robert englund...

i gave 2 out of 5 stars laa for this movie ehehe....

*all this is just my opinion yaa, from what inside my heart after watchin this movie.. for those who never follow or watching this Nightmare on Elm street before, can try to watch, maybe u can get entertained by it :P

1,2.. Freddy come for u.......

May 04, 2010


[BIB] BANDAI S.I.C for sales

: BIB SIC VOL 16 - RM160
: BIB SIC VOL 17 - RM160

Attached Image

Attached Image Attached Image


: SIC Movie Realization The First - *SOLD

May 02, 2010


New hobby is appear

Revoltech is an action figure line from the Japanese company Kaiyodo "Revoltech" is a portmanteau for "Revolver Technology," in reference to the unique "Revolver Joint" articulation which all of the figures utilize. This gives the figures a wide range of motion and stability, allowing for many dynamic and varied poses.

My new hobby , collecting revoltech figure, ive stop S.I.C & Gundam model kit, n rite now just playing with this cheap hobby... huhu.. so far not bad this revoltech, got mecha from anime/game that i like so im satisfied with it... price for this hobby is under my budget not so pricy as S.I.C before this... ehehe, ouh yea aboe pic is Revoltech Saber Alter 2nd Gen, quite nice oso, its from Fate/stay night video games characters...

growin up

Late post, huhu... a bit busy to update my blog here... just want to share that i was level up once more last 8 of April ... yaa grew up more, gettin older what ever u people gonna say it ehehe, everyone is facing this every year.... dun have many words to say... just pray n hoping my life will be gettin better n better from now n future... god bless ... everyone :)

March 15, 2010

The clash between summon & transform

Owh yea, right now this two pieces of game is trully brought me to stay in front of my monitor & ps3 to enjoy them, arghh denk i need time for this... kindly addicted to this games.. my spirit of JPRG once again is back and possesed me ahaha, long time ago in the age of playstation one & two, im kindly into this type of video game.. JPRG ... dont know why, maybe the characters,system,gameplay,story,animated is attracted me... each game below come with their own style of gameplay, its fact that rpg/jrpg is not all gamers would like it, only certains gamers can addicted to this type of game, maybe because of the gameplay that slow and steady not as action game where you can rush,attack,slash and kill where ever you like.. ahahahah.This JRPG need us to be patient,its relax to playing... but certain time i do chaos when my character died many to time to beat a boss.. hahaha, that is regular i think, all gamers face this in their gaming life... ok enaugh said, if you are JRPG fans, dont hesitate to give a try to this two titles, u wont regret it... untill we meet again ..

Final Fantasy XIII​ is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix and is the thirteenth installment in the Final Fantasy series. It was released for the PlayStation 3 entertainment system in Japan on December 17, 2009 and in North America and PAL regions on March 9, 2010 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. First appearing at E3 2006, Final Fantasy XIII is the flagship title of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection of Final Fantasy games and is the first game to utilize Square-Enix's Crystal Tools engine. The game features both futuristic and natural elements; it is set between a land of wilderness and the high-tech world above it. Following the story of Lightning, Square-Enix describes the theme of the game as "those who resist the world".Final Fantasy XIII was generally well received on release, with a Metacritic aggregate score of 83 for both versions.


White Knight Chronicles​ is a fantasy role-playing video game developed by Level-5 and Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3 which was released in Japan on December 25, 2008, and was released in North America on February 2, 2010. It is Level-5's first project for the system. As per the playable demo at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, some enemies are extremely large in size, in one piece of concept artwork, a massive turtle-like creature is depicted carrying an entire city on its back.As of August 8, 2009, it has sold 350,000 copies in Japan. At TGS 2009, a sequel entitled White Knight Chronicles 2 was announced.

March 11, 2010


Hmm... got this video from my fren, he post at our forum.. after watchin n listening, it has meaningful... the message in this video some is true... yea i admit, gaming is really can make people avoiding real life sometimes... but i do didnt agreed with certain thought that im thinking not all person will avoiding their real life... as me, im still step a foot on the real world beside gaming world .... just please do arrange our proper life matter in the correct way... take this gaming as easy as light entertainment only...

Sorry, english is bad... hahaha, the phase is kindly suck, im too bad in english :P

March 10, 2010

"The Pacific"

The Pacific is a 2010 ten-part television World War II miniseries, produced by HBO, Seven Network Australia and DreamWorks, which will premiere March 14, 2010.

It is similar, although unrelated, to Band of Brothers. Whereas Band of Brothers focused on the United States Army's involvement in the European Theater of Operations, the new series will be about United States Marine Corps's actions in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

A new mini series again by HBO about WW2, yeahh i do like watching movie/tv series about WW2... from the people who brought us Band of Brothers here come again the story of great battle in pasific again japanese during WW2 history....

February 25, 2010

Salam Maulidur Rasul 1431H

Long time i didnt update my blog, dont have idea to write here, so just update to wishin all muslims happy celebrating Maulidur Rasul for 2010 .. may God bless us all... AMIN ~

January 27, 2010

Finally we were Rise !

Yeah, brother's ... we r being rise back and stay together with a new image and intelligent.... gamerzunite is no longer available, rest in peace the previous domain, we who r to move foward salute u...

and now rise.. GAMERZUNITED, and with thousand hope that we can keep this n move foward till the end....

a new GU'd can be login at

January 16, 2010

We Will Rise....

Sabtu, 15 Jan 2010.. pagi aku dikejutkan dgn. satu berita dimana website community Gamerz aku & other's friend duk lepak & sembang about game & entertainment telah di delete seseorang.... wat ta heck is this?

Semua members dah reyuh dan kecoh, masing2 x puas hati dgn. apa yg. telah berlaku... sebelum ni smua terkawal dan hapy, tiba2 saja datang malapetaka tak diundang ini... habis, kami bagaikan tiada rumah utk. bersatu dan berkongsi suka & duka di alam internet...

GamerzUnite ... satu domain yg. aku nampak baru nak berkembang dan punya harapan utk. maju kedepan... tapi apa yg. telah terjadi sngt. mendukacitakan semua...

Satu meeting urgent akan dibuat dlm masa terdekat dan aku yakin pada petang post ini ditulis mereka (member2) admin dan smua yg. berdekatan akan turun utk. membincang kan isu masa depan community ini.... dari penempatan sementara kami di FB dan sebuah forum tidak berbayar, aku nampak masing2 dah menunjukkan rasa tanggungjawab dan semangat utk. kembalikan community gamers dikalangan kami rakyat malaysia yg. kecil ini...

Brother's ... u all can make it, dengan semangat & kekuatan baru kita, aku yakin kita mampu untuk kembalikan apa yang telah pernah kita bangunkan dan kali ini kita akan bangunkan dengan wajah baru dan lebih berkualiti dari yang sebelum.. Insyallah :)

January 01, 2010

1st day of the 1st month 2010....

Kala post ni di coret, tarikh terkini dah pom menunjukkan 2hb Jan 2010, alahaiii masa.. cepat benar ya kau bergerak...

Takda pa nak coret ni saja2 ,

as 1st day of the 1st month 2010 .. life aku berlalu dgn. perkara biasa ..pagi bangun [tak pagi sngt laa..] , got a call from her and tell me she wanna go out with my sister in law, ok fine.. have a gud outing ... after a while, i woke up, masuk fesbuk, merapu2 sat, layan forum .. then pi mandi, cargas ke opis, sambung kerja as usual ... as 1sy day of nu year aku dah kja sampai kui 10pm gak la, setel2 kan video2 yg. aku duk edit, setel then balik umah after tu.. rest n have a chat with her, then out balik for eat .. bla bla with frens n until this time... i ready for sleep....

So conclusion... 1sy day of this nu year... aku tak nampak apa2 yg baru sngt dlm hidup aku ni.. ehehe, maybe it will act slowly kot utk. nampak pembaharuan di tahun baru ni ... will wait n observe what is newly in my life in this nu year of 2010.... and again ill pray for my hapiness n succes in my life ~

transmission end here till now ...........................................

rezeki akhir tahun....

Dalam Disember 2009 lepas, ada satu competition mereka logo sempena bulan celik IT anjuran PERDA ... kebetulan kakak kpd. member game aku soang ni [oyama] yg anjur n suh inform2, so kawan aku ni pom roger2 aku suh try join, aku try jer la join...

Ntah mcmana, dah rezeki kot, aku nyer design terpilih utk 1st prize & 2nd prize ... cuak gak la, 1st time aku menang contest seumuq hidup aku, haha.. apa2 pon bersyukur sangt psai dpt. menang ni...

Hadiah x kurang hebat gak la... 1k ++ for both places ... so rezeki aku lar ujung taun 09 ni, buat simpan2 utk bekalan kemudian hari nnt...

Kat cni aku nak thanks to individu yg terlibat dan patut aku berterima kasih tak sangga atas apa yg. aku dpt nih... million thanks to oyama & kakak dia,kak ipaq ku [sbb bagi aku guna pakai nama dia utk 2nd design aku],mat edie [teman/n bwk aku p amik hadiah..ang x mng xpa, next time ada rezeki lagi hebat utk ang, insyallah.. :)]

*gambar hiasan ketika hari amik hadiah, mat edie as model pada hr tu sbb aku pemalu utk bergambar -_-