May 31, 2010

supporting lifeline 4 Gaza

The Vision of Lifeline 4 Gaza :
"Our ultimate vision is to work together with the International community in helping Palestinians to hold every rights on their motherland, and eventually be able to live in peace as any other beings would want to be. We uphold the believes that each Palestinian, including those forcefully living abroad and foreign camps, has every right to return to Palestine. All Palestinian lands that have been robbed by the Zionist must be returned to their rightful owners."

Those dirty damn pig dog israel was attacking the convoy early morning by malaysia time, kill more than 10 unarmed people in the convoy.They (israel) is very2 dirty pig people, cursed them all!

For those our muslims brothers n people in that convoy, we pray for everyone of u there, ALLAH is with us in the right path, may ALLAH bless all of u there,

Only pray can we give here for them to achieve the vision n hope they are protected by ALLAH...

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