May 31, 2010

supporting lifeline 4 Gaza

The Vision of Lifeline 4 Gaza :
"Our ultimate vision is to work together with the International community in helping Palestinians to hold every rights on their motherland, and eventually be able to live in peace as any other beings would want to be. We uphold the believes that each Palestinian, including those forcefully living abroad and foreign camps, has every right to return to Palestine. All Palestinian lands that have been robbed by the Zionist must be returned to their rightful owners."

Those dirty damn pig dog israel was attacking the convoy early morning by malaysia time, kill more than 10 unarmed people in the convoy.They (israel) is very2 dirty pig people, cursed them all!

For those our muslims brothers n people in that convoy, we pray for everyone of u there, ALLAH is with us in the right path, may ALLAH bless all of u there,

Only pray can we give here for them to achieve the vision n hope they are protected by ALLAH...

May 24, 2010


ahahah, woke up in the morning, didnt really remember my bad dream last night, long time didnt get dream that not so good... ive dream me and one of my fren have been smashed by group of dirty uncivilazation people without any coz we have been bitten.. hahah,weird,seriously i dun like get dream such like this... maybe i just forget to wash up my feet before sleep?or to much watchin movie ahaha...nevermind, wat ever its, remember that we still have god n religion that we follow, believe in it and thank god im still living in this life ....

lets pray to ALLAH while we can... :)

May 17, 2010

New 2010 Freddy Krueger

2010...the new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET is hit back our cinema.This worse nightmare since i ever kid is back but with new actor as freddy no more papa horror Robert Englund .... ive watch it last sunday, what i can say for this movie, it disapointed... just normal movie, yea its just remake from it original movie that popular long time ago, but those original NOES movies is best ... for this movie,a 2010 version... it has nothing for me, what you can see just a new actors n a not so best new freddy kruger, why i say that..because the make up of freddy face itselft look a bit diff n failed la... im still love the origin make up of freddy... the storyline is short n just refreshing from old its like you r watching the old NOES in nowdays version... with latest technology for the special efect of course... but i repeat here, its just same story, nothing new looking u can see in this movie,beside new face of freddy maybe,hahaha..just the make up of freddy face look diff, not so nice as the previous robert englund...

i gave 2 out of 5 stars laa for this movie ehehe....

*all this is just my opinion yaa, from what inside my heart after watchin this movie.. for those who never follow or watching this Nightmare on Elm street before, can try to watch, maybe u can get entertained by it :P

1,2.. Freddy come for u.......

May 04, 2010


[BIB] BANDAI S.I.C for sales

: BIB SIC VOL 16 - RM160
: BIB SIC VOL 17 - RM160

Attached Image

Attached Image Attached Image


: SIC Movie Realization The First - *SOLD

May 02, 2010


New hobby is appear

Revoltech is an action figure line from the Japanese company Kaiyodo "Revoltech" is a portmanteau for "Revolver Technology," in reference to the unique "Revolver Joint" articulation which all of the figures utilize. This gives the figures a wide range of motion and stability, allowing for many dynamic and varied poses.

My new hobby , collecting revoltech figure, ive stop S.I.C & Gundam model kit, n rite now just playing with this cheap hobby... huhu.. so far not bad this revoltech, got mecha from anime/game that i like so im satisfied with it... price for this hobby is under my budget not so pricy as S.I.C before this... ehehe, ouh yea aboe pic is Revoltech Saber Alter 2nd Gen, quite nice oso, its from Fate/stay night video games characters...

growin up

Late post, huhu... a bit busy to update my blog here... just want to share that i was level up once more last 8 of April ... yaa grew up more, gettin older what ever u people gonna say it ehehe, everyone is facing this every year.... dun have many words to say... just pray n hoping my life will be gettin better n better from now n future... god bless ... everyone :)