July 18, 2010

Thou seek soul power

Currently bein addictived to this game, DEMON'S SOUL a Playstation 3 exclusive rpg game, was bein up as game of the year 2009, its worth this game got the goty title, its awesome game ... 
Ive bought this game many months ago, maybe last year, 2009... haha, before this it just keeping dust in my rack, coz the hard experience playing this game, but now, once ive got the tempo of the game, im enjoy it... 

This game can be played by offline or online, but trust me, playing online is more nice n great, where we can coop with other players up to 4 player in one game... this game got it own style, you can google it for more info of this game, Demon's Soul is another rpg title that listing in my all time fav rpg game... thumbs 

For those who wanna try, can try search for this title at ur nearest game store or buy it thru online.... cheers ~

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